OpenScribe is an application for transcriptionists designed to aid in transcribing audio dictations. OpenScribe allows audio playback to be controlled with a footpedal, hand control, or other USB input device. OpenScribe also supports having multiple devices connected at once, allowing for the use of both a footpedal and hand control at the same time.

The libsonic library is used by OpenScribe to allow you to slow down audio playback without changing the pitch, making it much easier to decipher unclear words in a dictation.

OpenScribe is completely free and open-source, and it is published under the GPLv3 license.

OpenScribe 1.2.0

The OpenScribe main window

Main window with the slow speed slider shown
Download for Debian / Ubuntu

Users of Debian or Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu or Mint may download OpenScribe and get automatic updates by adding OpenScribe to their software sources using the Launchpad PPA.

Install from PPA

Alternatively, you can simply download the binary packages: (You will not receive automatic updates if you download the package using these links)

Download for Ubuntu 20.04
Download for 64-bit Ubuntu 18.04
Download for 32-bit Ubuntu 18.04
Download for 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04
Download for 32-bit Ubuntu 16.04
Download for 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04
Download for 32-bit Ubuntu 14.04

Download Source Code

You can download and compile OpenScribe yourself on any version of Linux.

View source code on GitLab